Creative Challenge #1

This first Creative Challenge is a task that involves creating an official alien abduction do’s and don’ts list with a friend so that you might know how to behave in the event you do become abducted. This exercise is from the book  Caffeine for the Creative Team.



  • Do not Bend over aka”don’t drop the soap”
  • Do not make it obvious you’re trying to escape
  • Do not comment on any strange appearances  (this will not end well)
  • Do not show Do and Do not lists
  • Do not tell them your plans to over throw  their race and sell them into minimum wage slavery
  • Do not make sexual advances
  • Do not consent to medical examining of and kind
  • Do not ingest any foreign substance
  • Do not ask the what the meaning of life is
  • Do not discuss “THE FORCE”
  • Do not ask for an interview for your blog


  • Do attempt to play dead upon arrival into spacecraft
  • IF above does not work Do show your table manners
  • Do attempt to hack into the mainframe computer system and send an emergency message to Homeland Security and NASA.
  • Do Pretend you are really interested in their culture
  • Do emulate a strong desire to be friends
  • Do give false information on the whereabouts of important persons and place
  • Do give correct location for Mit Romney and running mate.
  • Do use your iPhone to record any visual evidence of your encounter.
  • Do post online
  • Do convince them to swing by the beer store for some brewskis
  • Do pretend to be their leader dressed in an incredibly convincing human disguise.

This list was created by Phyllis Beck and Amy Pyke and we hope you find in entertaining.

I would like to encourage you to keep adding to the list by posting your thoughts in the comments or

feel free to make another list of your own and share it. 😛


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