7 Websites to Improve the Digital Artist in You.

  1. ctrl + paint

    I have only recently discovered Ctrl+paint, but it has some really clear and precise tutorials for the digital painting beginner.  The 5 Digital Painting 101 lessons have video demonstrations and written out tutorial steps and its all free. Ctrl+Paint also has some other really great video content located in the archives section along with a few paid content sections. I quickly grew to love the clarity and short and to the point style and think you will to if you are only just starting out.  

  2. FZD School of Design

    Now FZD is a school in Singapore but the founder of the school has been so kind as to post  14o+ discussing the industry of concept design and the rigors of the field all while giving a great demo. There is definitely some great info to be garnered from these videos, all though the videos are not very in depth when it comes to explaining technique. I would recommend these videos to the intermediate to advanced artist but if you are new to art and digital paintings don’t be afraid to dive in and learn what you can. 

  3. idrawgirls.com

    Despite the not so classy name of this digital painting and drawing site there is a smorgasbord of videos and tutorials here for a range of levels. When you first land on the site you get a series of paid lessons that pop up but if you click on the tutorials link it will bring you to his blog that has a vast array of free simple tutorials for the beginning digital painter. Once you have made your way through a few of those, I would recommend buying a few of the more in depth tutorials. They give hours of great demonstrations and will get you started on the right track and hopefully take you to the  next level. 

  4. schoolism.com

    Schoolism has a unique approach to learning the arts and digital painting online. While it is in the medium range for cost they give you the option of going the course alone for around $470 where you get 100 days to complete the online course at your own pace or you can complete it with the instructor for around $998. It sounds like a lot but the instructors teaching this courses are no small fish. They are leading artists of our time such as Alex Woo and Bobby Chiu  and work in illustration, concept design and animation.  So if your ready to dive into the next stage of your work I’d say give it a shot. 

  5. theartdepartment.org

    The Art Department is an online art school. That being said they do have some incredible videos for a small price, around $10- $20 range that usually takes you from start to finish of an individual piece of work and others being more technique driven like the bug silhouette demonstrations. This school has been put together by some of the same guys that are part of schoolism and you will find some similarities between the two sites. Personally, I’ve bought about 3 of the smaller courses including the sketchbook clinic and the Jane Radstrom demonstration which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

  6. drawing-tutorials-online.com + painting-tutorials-online.com

    These two websites are run by Matthew Archambault who has been a professor and an illustrator for many years. I have purchased a subscription with drawing tutorials several times on and off and have always thoroughly enjoyed using the site. All the videos are in real-time and there are a LOT of them starting from the very basics of drawing and painting. These include anatomy lessons and  a reference library for you to work from. It’s $19.97 a month but you can get a 10 day trial for  $1 if you click on the about page and scroll to the very bottom. 
  7.  Lynda.com 

    Last but not least is lynda.com. Lynda is not a digital painting site but a software training website for those of you would like to dive deeper into Photoshop or sketchbook pro on your path towards becoming a digital master. It contains videos for almost every piece of software you can think of. For a basic membership it’s 25$ you get access to the entire library and for a little more you can download the exercise files too. What I really enjoy about this site is the documentaries on industry professionals. You can get a free 1 week trial here. lynda.com/trial

    Well thats it ladies and gentlemen. I hope you find these helpful. I don’t get any money for endorsing these websites, but they are all sites that I have tried and love and was hoping that they could be as beneficial to someone else the way they have been for me. If you have any more suggestions I would love to hear about them.



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