Caffeine Free Day 1 – 2

As of 10pm Sunday, April 22 I’ve decided to do a caffeine free experiment and quit caffeine for a minimum of 30 days to further observe the effects it has on my body and to see if I can live without a habit that I have had since a young child (due to early exposure by the grandparents 🙂 ).

I have never really been a soda drinker so that won’t be an issue. However, coffee and chocolate are going to be a big issue for me. You see I love coffee so much that I even worked at Starbucks for a short time and they all but open your mouth and shove a funnel down it so they can pour it in.

I’m 2 and ½ days into this. The first night I had a terrible migraine that took over my entire brain and caused my throat to throb and made my tongue swollen. Not Fun. The next day wasn’t so bad but I certainly felt disconnected and fuzzy. I definitely had a killer craving around 6PM or 7PM which I believe was due to the fact that I usually get coffee around that time. It’s almost 4am now and I am unbelievably tired and I’ve had a mild headache all day. There have also been intense cravings for junk food and sweets, but that is more than likely due to the fact that I’ve had an almost all raw fruit and veggie diet today.

So what is my motivation for this, to be honest I just want to see if I have the will power and self-discipline to let it go. I’ve been on a kick to revamp my life, and I would like to do a trial run of polyphasic sleep and caffeine would not be conducive to succeeding at this. I tried having a Decaf Caramel Macchiato today to see if that would help. It helped my mind cope with the interruption of the habit but I think I made my brain angry by tricking it because it just gave me a headache.:P


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