Finding your life purpose.

So I’ve recently been inspired by a blog I recently found called It’s been around for some time now but it still has so much info to be gleaned from it that I have been a bit obsessive about reading it really. One of the things I’ve tried among other things is how to discover your life purpose.

I know it sounds silly and I will admit that I had not expected it to work as well as it did. So how did I do this you ask? Well first you must mentally and emotionally be open to such an experiment first and after that all you need to do is this.

    1. Ask yourself the question “What is my life purpose?” (Write it down)
    2. Start writing what comes to mind and elaborate as you see fit.
    3. Persist until you feel a strong surge in emotion so strong you need to cry.
    4. This is your life purpose.

This took me about 30min for me and I filled up 3 and ½ pages before I found what I was looking for. The times will vary and it will take much longer if you are not open to letting it happen. At some point all that you write down will begin to come together in a statement that will be uniquely you and it is well worth the effort. It is imperative that you be persistent and not give into the desire to give up even when it feels foolish.

It’s best if you set aside some time alone where you won’t be interrupted and maybe even put on some soothing music to help ease the silence. Don’t be stubborn give it a try. You might even be surprised at what you discover. This is what I came to.

“My true life purpose is to live courageously and honestly, to love and be loved by myself and others while living up to my standards and morals. To live a life that is full and expresses a deep love to create beauty, to inspire others, and to continue to grow and acquire knowledge and understanding of the world around me so that it might express a life of greatness, deep spirituality and happiness that will change the world for the better.”

Having a purpose clearly stated and written down has helped me become more focused with my life. I keep it near me most of the time and I look at it often to remind myself, and it is certainly helpful when trying to push through particularly rough times in my life.

I recently showed my statement of purpose to a friend who noticed that it was a bit long and suggested that it might be beneficial to try and consolidate it even more so that I might get down to the very core of my life. I will continue to work on it to try and work it down to a sentence or may even just a few words. I wish you luck. Feel free to share your experience.


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